New Movie: Youtube Bounty Hunters Staring Timothy-Delagetto and David Spas


So I know yall are like FreddyO what is this, but I am just trying to put yall on game with what’s next. Everyone is into bloging but yall need to know there are other dope people doing stuff on the web other then blogs and gossip. Here is a on line Min move called “Youtube Bounty Hunters” from one of my favorite Youtube blogger/actors Timothy-Delagetto and written by David Spas make sure yall check them out and let me know if yall are feeling the video. The video also stars John Ollie and Exotic Jess… Click their names too scribed to there Youtube page!!!! Make sure yall leave them a comment and let them know what yall think???? Here is my page too FreddyO Scribed Please!!!!!!!!!


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