New Music: Akon Ft. Usher “Weekend”


We haven’t heard from Akon in a hot minute! He’s back and trying to go hard with his new song Weekend which features Usher. The song tells a tale about what sounds to be a one night stand. The lyrics are more than honest with lyrics that state:

cuz shawty your face and your booty/ make you a cutie/ baby you’re more than a dime/oooh listen girl/ I want you to do me really and truthfully/ baby I don’t wanna waste your time/ cuz after tonight/ you may never see me again/I’ll be the story that you tell to your friends

How’s that for honesty? If all celebs could keep it real like this they might avoid some tell all books. The beat reminds me of something like leftovers from Justin Beiber’s album. This of course is probably what will make it skyrocket to number one on the charts. If they come out with video and Usher does some of his signature dance moves, I know all the ladies are gonna be in love with this.  Check the song out below. It has a ton of tags in it but you’ll get the point.



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