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Music Video: A Boogie Wit The Hoodie – Marcroni

I'm like a biker with swagg

 A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s life changed in 2016 as the young rapper became one of hip-hop’s rising stars. To close out his big year, A Boogie returns to his TBA EP to provide some visuals for the standout cut “Macaroni.” The video sees him living the good life while reflecting on his new clout.

“Nigga don’t tell me what you want/Think you calling shots, I make a call, nigga get you gone/Knew that was your girl, but she a hoe and her pussy soak/Sound like macaroni in a bowl when she mix it up/Knew I was gon’ put it in a song/We ain’t get to fuck/Think about when you leave her home, where she really at/Probably got location on your phone, she know where you at/Lot of niggas hating on the boy/Why you really mad,”

Young MJ?

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The Bronx native has some big projects in the works for 2017. The budding rapper is supposed to link up with Drake for a long rumored collaboration. On top of that, A Boogie is teaming with producer Zaytoven for a mixtape.

Artist ? 2017′

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“It’s in the making,” A Boogie recently said of the Zaytoven project. “I got a couple of features right now with Young Scooter, got one with Bibby coming out. The mixtape will be called Artoven. I’m taking my name, Artist, and I’m taking Zaytoven and putting it together. ArCtoven.” There has also been interest in collaboration with Drake.

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