New Music!! Jaiy Bradie “I Want It”


Chicago rapper, Jaiy Bradie (pronounced Jay Brady) raps with plenty of attitude as expected from any artist born and raised on Chicago’s notoriously vile Southside. Hailing from a metropolis that has birthed a myriad of successful Hip-Hop lyricists such as Common, Kanye West and Twista, Jaiy pays homage to personal experiences with his own unique approach to the Windy City mix.  His life has played out like one movie after another: guns, drugs, prison, violence and death, balancing the sordid details on his new mixtape, F*&ck Yo Celebrity featuring DJ Scream.

True to his personal style, Jaiy didn’t take the typical artist route.  He didn’t grow up penning poetry or freestyling around a cipher.  Although his stint in the military played a major factor in his need to commit to something he was passionate about and where he first began rhyming, it was his dad’s untimely death that forced him to get serious about music.  He soon developed his own unique sound and became brilliant at expressing his emotions, which he put to music.  “If anything, I probably listen to R&B more so than Rap because it helps me with my creativity and to be calm.  When it’s time to go into the studio, it’s easier for me to hear melodies and I can write and flow better over whatever moves me.” 

“I Want It”, the single off of Bradie’s upcoming mixtape F*ck Yo Celebrity, which drops in December is surely a keeper for the season. The woman on the chorus flows with the chords in the background going up and down demanding the love  she wants from her man.  Jaiy does not disappoint with lines like “If you ever try to play her Ima act a fool/ Straight dumb, Retarded/ Two circles and a red dot like Target”.  His word play is on point in correlation with the songs topic. Jaiy has one for the ladies on this one without a doubt.



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