New Music: Melanie Fiona “4 A.M.”


Melanie Fiona, who know mainly for her hot song It Kills Me,  has released a new song called 4 A.M. In the song she talks about her anger towards a lover who doesn’t show her the attention that she wants and deserves. Overall the song, details her frustrations of being with man who is never home and is always out partying while she awaits him at home. While it does drip of bitterness, she does reveal that she knows her self worth so this is not a complete Marvin’s Room I-can’t-stand-you song.  Ladies this joint is for you if you’ve got some resentment to some jerk who didn’t treat you right! Take a listen!

Are you feeling this song? Can any of you ladies relate?


  1. I think its hot! Nice quiet storm slow jam. I loved and it kills me, but the rest of her cd was crap, hopefully this isn’t the case again. We’ll have to see when the cd drops


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