NEW MUSIC: R&B Group 112 Reunites!


For all of us 90’s kids we are very nostalgic about our music, fashion, and movies; I have exciting news that the R&B group 112 are getting back together. They announced the news on Instagram yesterday!

Check out the details below.

112 is an American R&B quartet from Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly artists on Bad Boy Records, the group signed to the Def Soul roster in 2002. The group is composed of Quinnes Parker, Slim, Daron Jones, and Michael Marcel Keith so don’t expect to see no Temptations shennanigans going on right here. The original members are coming back with their unique sound, swag, and memorable music. 112‘s music is the very soundtrack to my high school and college days and it’s great to see them back together putting in work for us to enjoy very soon.

The homie Daron shared the following posts and we are looking forward to see that 112 magic happen again. R&B music is alive and well! I promise yall that it’s going to make a comeback!!!!!!!!!



Be sure to invite me to that listening party; It’s going to be EPIC!


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