New Music T.I. Featuring Lil Wayne – Wit Me



The big homie T.I. is LIVE with Big Tigger Show right now. He’s sharing “WIT ME” with Atlanta for the first time.


Check it out!

The big homies T.I. and Lil Wayne have rocked another track together! “WIT ME” is epic it brings the southern rappers together to show their dynamic chemistry and diversity. Lil Wayne’s surreal way of telling a story coupled with T.I.’s story book way of rhyming is a match made in Hip Hop Heaven.

The sound is AWESOME. We can’t wait to see them both in the “America’s Most Wanted Tour” featuring T.I., Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz. T.I. let’s Atlanta know there’s no hard feelings between The Hustle Gang and Future. They all about making that bread!


T.I. also want Atlanta to know that he’s Independent and he’s a Free Agent. He has no allegiance to anybody or anything except the CASH.

Back to “Wit Me“. The video was shot in Miami and was directed by Phillyflyboy. The rappers are found cruising on the highway in big boy style that leads to a high-speed police chase. That’s the FAST LIFE!!


The video becomes super sexy with lots of eye candy surrounding Tip and Lil Wayne on a yacht. That’s that RICH LIFE!

“Wit Me” is definitely HOT!

Honorable Mentions from the Interview:

T.I. also mentioned that there is some spin-offs for the Family Hustle. Including a show that will spotlight Tiny and Shekinah. There will be a show spotlighting the babies King and MajorWow, when does the big homie sleep?

OMG Girlz named Beyonce’s Twitter Handle. WOW!

Pretty Hustle is working on a mix tape too!

Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts of the song and video!

Let us know your thoughts about his TIP’s business moves?


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