1. Whats really going on! Flav not paying employees. Why would you open up a restaurant and have no money to pay employees . We gotta do better.

  2. Labrons mother is a hoodrat ho* bytch… she actually cant remeber who see allow to get her pregnant??!! Im still lost on that one!

  3. the police officer, why wasnt he arrested?..sounds like assault with a deadly weapon..lebron james mom..im speechless..i have no words for that..my silence is enough..smh..flavor flav..ghetto..plus if its true, what he’s doing is against the law..u cant have ppl working for you and not pay them..its both criminal and civil (lawsuit)..wtf..

  4. Funny I laughed till I cried. Love Your On Line Magazine that’s what I call the best BLOGGER’S.Keep Up the GREAT work.


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