New Video: Ceelo Green- F*ck You



Ceelo Green, also known as Ceelo-goodie….aka Gnarles Barkley…has dropped a song out there that will speak to the souls of many. With his soulful singing and creative lyrics, Ceelo belts his heart out on his hit track “F*ck You”. Although the title is simple, we all have said this phrase a time or two, or deserved it when it was said to us. The creativity of this videos lies in the fact that all the lyrics are flashed on the screen, including the ad libs (real Andre 3000-esque)…and thats the video.  Check it out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. “I pity the fooool, that falls in love with you (Oh sh*t she’s a gooold digger), Well… (just thought you should knooow nigga). lol. Check out the video below!!



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