NEW VIDEO: Chris Brown “Fine China”



Chris Brown is at it again! He just dropped his video for his new song “Fine China”. The video is clearly paying homage to the late Michael Jackson (who we know that Chris adored). In the song he takes it back to R&B and makes us feel like it’s his first album all over again. We’re loving it. Check inside for the vintage styled video.

In the video viewers are given a Romeo-Juliet type story line and it leaves you hanging at the end. Look at the video to check out Chris’ new masterpiece.

ThisĀ  song will appear on his next cd titled “X”. Now if only he could perfect his personal life like this.

Are you feeling Chris Brown’s new song and video?


  1. “Now if only he could perfect his personal life like this.” <—you TRIED it! WTH does his personal life have to do with his career??? You must love it, because you posted it onyour website. You sound like a bitter female or some messy QWEEN! Last time I checked, nobody was perfect except for Jesus! GET.YOUR.LIFE! I loved the video and song! I could keep giving kudos, but I don't want you to commit suicide. *rolls eyes*

  2. The video is whack but the production, music, and vocals remind me more of Stevie Wonder than Michael.


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