1. the rapping part, not so much BUT the concept I am feeling. Thank you Ciara for going back to your roots and stop trying to compete with these…..IDK. U stood out as a dancing, crunking sista. Make ur own lane and follow through.

  2. im so disappointed in ciara as da year progresses she gets worse n worse celebrities needs 2 stop readin blogs n singers need 2 stop creatin beef I BLAME 50 CENT 4 dis shit!!

  3. I liked Ciara’s song…she was expressing how she felt. Yes she is under-rated, yes she is misrepresented…She will definately get her time to shine…no matter what anybody has to say. She is no Beyonce, no Rhianna… she is Ciara, once SHE realizes that she will be GREAT… Be Ciara!!!

  4. Glad she is returning to her her roots. She came from the streets and now she getting back….thank goodness


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