New Video: Ciara “Gimmie Dat”



She been gone for to long and now she’s really back. I have to give it to my girl CiCi she is killing it in her new video and is giving us that old school Ciara.  I have loved this song ever since I saw Angela Simmons dancing to it. CiCi going to kill me cause the video is not suppose to be out until tomorrow but was just leaked to the net.


  1. the video was hot that bish can dance her ass off lol i will be picking up a copy of the album. i love the songs thats been coming out

  2. yea I cant hate this dude be dancen his ass off..go head lil nigga, go head
    I wouldnt do it but thats cool how he tucks his penis like that, you killn em charles, i mean cee cee

  3. Ayeeeeeeeeeee , . Doeeee * ! She Looks good nohom ! bout tymee cause ciara ridee was gettin old enough ! buh this video might end up being betta then ridee what yahll think ?


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