New Video: Jacob Latimore @jacoblatimore (Feat. Issa @ISSAIAM ) – ‘Like ‘Em All’


Here’s Jacob Latimore (Feat. Issa) – ‘Like ‘Em All’ new video. I know yall are like who is this new lil dude I keep posting about but watch him take off, tell me if yall feeling it…


  1. I must say that I do like this video and song. I do wish both of these young men the best in the music industry. I can also appreciate the fact that they’re not calling females disrespectful names nor using profane language to get their point across in their music.

    Good luck to these young men!

  2. I like this song… But why he re-made it with this other buddy and not keep the orinigal with DIGGY??? Diggy SPITS HOT FIRE!!!!!! lol


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