New Video: JoJo “Andre” + Her Reaction To Receiving Text Message From Andre 3000



We heard JoJo’s song from her mixtape Agape called Andre a while back ago. Now she has the visual for it and it’s pretty cool. Turns out we’re not the only ones who thought so…Andre 3000 did too. Check out the video and Andre 3000’s reaction inside.

JoJo shared that she didn’t even have a budget for the Andre video and that it was because of her friends that she was able to. JoJo has had a few management issues since her career started so we’re glad to see that she’s still making an effort to stay in the game. She’s got mad vocals so she deserves it.

Flying Lotus sent Andre 3000 the video and he texted JoJo telling her that was biggest compliment that he had ever received. Look at her reaction to the text message:

Do you like the song Andre? Are you surprised that Andre 3000 took the time to respond? He usually stays out of the spotlight.




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