New Video: Justin Bieber (Feat. Usher) – Somebody to Love Remix



Here is the new video by Justin Bieber featuring Usher, Somebody to Love, the remix. Usher has a gold mine on his team with this young cat. The lyrics are catchy, and the video is actually a creative hit. Bieber is taking the world by storm. Click below to enjoy the video and let us at Freddyo know how you like it.



  1. They make good music together. I wonder if Usher is teaching him how to dance?? Got the inside scoop on that FREDDYO?

  2. I wonder when he grows up is he going to leave all his cuteness behind, or become a Justin Timberlake.

  3. hey ik ben lindsay en ik ben van van justien bieber
    en dat is van mij niemand mag dat af nemen
    sory ik hou van je justien ik woon in menen en ik luister al je muziek
    ik hou van je groetjes lindsayxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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