New Video: Ludacris feat Rudy Currence & Naturally 7



Anytime Ludacris and Quincy Jones collaborate, one phrase comes to mind, “Instant Classic”. Luda and Mr. Jones have mixed and remixed the “Austin Powers” theme song once again. This video has much better content then the previous. Luda is known to give us a wide variety of music videos, but this has to be one of the best when it comes to cinematography and story line. The “doo-wop” intro sets the tone and Ludacris takes control from there. I got a chance to watch Ludacris perform this song live on the View. REMARKABLE!!!!  Let me be the first to inform you; Naturally 7 and Rudy Currence are going to be big stars in the industry!!! Check out  the video:


  1. What a fantastic hip hop music news article featuring rap superstar Ludacris and Rudy Currence and Naturally 7. The rap song is infectious and so catchy and is sure to be a smash hit. The Ludacris music video is awesome too just like all of his hip hop music videos. I am definitely going to be buying this hot rap song. Just one listen and I was hooked.


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