New Video: Nicki Minaj -Right Through Me



(9/28/2010) It’s something about this this track that just grabs me. I think…for once, Nicki seems volunerable. The name of the song is “Right Through Me”. The hook goes (and I’m not sure who that is singing the hook, but if it’s Nicki, you got to play this track asaper), “you see right through me, how do yall do that sh*t”. She speaks of how she had a dude looking out for her, like the plutonic friend that turned into the lover. Ha. How many times has that happened. Then the relationship turns sour…yet at the end of the second verse, she begins to pull back the layers of aggression in the relationship, and gives in. Volunerable. Check it out. Got to cop that album. Nicki Minaj-Right Through Me.



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