New Video: Sammie ft. Blake Kelly “Put It In”



R&B singer Sammie recently released a video for his single “Put It In” that was produced by Mark the Mogul and features rapper Blake Kelly. “Put It In” is featured on Sammie’s highly downloaded mixtape, “Insomnia”, that was released late last year.

“Put It In” was directed by Charley Mac (protégé to well-known music director Benny Boom) and includes a storyline that centers around Sammie and a young woman whom he meets and interacts with on a subway train. After they meet, they come together one night at  a stylish and elegant party full of masked party goers. At least, that’s what we are led to believe. You have to check out the video for the unexpected twist at the end.




Take a look at the video for “Put It In” below:

Hot, hot, hot! We are definitely feeling “Put It In”. “Little Sammie” is definitely not little anymore, and this song and video proves just that. Good to see Sammie still in the music game and creating great music!

You can download Sammie’s “Insomnia” here


What are your thoughts about Sammie’s video for “Put It In”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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