New Video: Shawn Jay of Field Mob Says “I’m Not A Rich Rapper”



Shawn Jay of Field Mob goes in-depth on his personal struggle juggling his family and his hip hop career.

The big homie Shawn Jay of Field Mob is hilarious as he keeps it 100. We love what he has to say about living with multiple baby mamas and children.

He wants everybody to know he is doing his thing but he is not RICH. He also want people to understand that Rappers are always lying about having money. He says that people have unrealistic expectations about the music business.

He also seems to have a dislike for women who make it hard for men to see their children.

He talks about how he always have to work.

He talks about his admiration for 2 Chainz, Trindad James, and Rick Ross.

His advice for people who want to break it in the business he says to FIND REAL PEOPLE TO HELP YOU!

This is some real talk. Check it out!

So what did you think about his thoughts?

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  1. Beleive the hype if you want……He is a very talented dude….He does love his kids! However, he is full of SHIT!!!! coming from someone who knows him….


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