New Video: Trey Songz- Can’t Be Friends



The kid Trey Songz has hit the airwaves with yet another hit, “Can’t Be Friends”. Its the classic love jam expressing how you wish you never screwed your homegirl, and now there is no way you can be friends. Guys, we have all been here before. There’s no telling what you could have been with that plutonic sweetheart, but you kissed her, then fell in love…and everything became different. Cant Be Friends…classic. Click below to check out the vid!

–Smitty Capers


  1. this is not a hit, a major fail as is this cd may turn out to be, none of the tracks leaked has no fire or spark interest to me, there is no stellar production, is sounds dated or boxed, trey vocals are not up to par and the video for this particular track looks like a throwaway from usher when he first came out, no sex appeal and the female lead lacks acting skills, no chemistry b/t her and trey. Trey is coming back to fast with a new cd when the Ready cd has some fire left that the new project leaves nothing to desire. I am gonna keep it real, this song is awful. trey i will not buy this project as i did not buy mary last project, both of them are in time out and these two made a song together should been fire and ended up as pure dust, TRAGIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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