New Video: Usher-There Goes My Baby



Usher has released a video for his chart topping hit “There Goes My Baby” July 13. It seems like Usher always has to go through a rotten relationship to produce a hot album. The video is simple; minimal dancing from Ursher, but steamy scenes intertwined throughout the entire vid. Not that an Usher video needs a plot, other than “appear shirtless, coo, lick lips, simulate sex (only from the shoulders up), drive fast car, repeat,” but the storyline is about how he can’t wait to get his hands on his girl. Every man has had this thought.  With lines like “I love the way you be poking it out”, this song is sly and sexy and perfect for setting the mood with your lady. Although Charlie Wilson released a track with the same name last year, Usher definitely has a hit with this one. “Bet you ain’t know I be checking you out, when you be putting your heels on…”Check it out below.

–Xavier B.


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