New Video: Young Jeezy- All White Everything



He’s baaaayaaack. Jeezy has returned with a new video for all the fans, showing us why he is Jeezy in the first place. Jeezy has called out all white products; from 6 white cars on everything, to white skys, white clouds, white pits,’ to a white b*tch’ . We told yall back in June that this was going to be a hit…now you can see for yourself. “Im bout to kill em this summer, doing all white everything.”


  1. All White Everything! that’s big! huh lol this nigga is simple!…..All White Everything but, the White Charts! White Radio? ….lol just sayin Impress Me cause this song sounds wack, not even good enough for the black charts

  2. Right this nigga is swagga jackin. Gucci did all Yellow Everything…….Lemonade. Come up with something original Jeezy with that young ass shirt on


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