New Video:Trina – My “Bit*hes” + Is Dating Young Rapper



I really can’t say that I am feeling the name of her new song, but I have to say Trina seems to always be down for her Bit*hes. Word is on the street that Trina has a new boy friend(not really) / sex mate. Yall know what it is….

He just turned 20 (hint hint), and  the two have been kicking it HARD. Sources say Trina loves how he can keep going and going… WOW I would love to tell yall who he is but he would Crank That All over my A**. Here is the video… tell me if yall are feeling it!!..


  1. I LUV ME SOME TRINA! I have not even viewed the video and will tell you that an artist pleases themselves and most with their craft. Everyone wont like you everyday so DO UR THANG TRINA!

  2. I love my b****es…I like it..she reps for her ladies hard…I think it’s Soulja Boy you speak of…I think she should just drop him like a ton of bricks..he ain’t good for her..if it is Soulja Boy..smh


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