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NFL Investigates Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports


Jay-Z‘s sports management company Roc Nation Sports is under investigation of its newest client New York Jets draft Geno Smith.


The NFL is investigating whether Roc Nation Sports violated the “runner rule”. The Runner Rule specifies only NFLPA-certified agents may be involved in the recruitment of clients.

Since Jay-Z and Geno spent some time together before making the announcement and the Instagram pictures have the NFL wondering about their relationship before the announcement.

So we don’t know what this means for the big homie Jay-Z and Geno Smith. Will there be some hefty fines? Will Roc Nation Sports lose Geno to a more established agency?


Complicating the matter is Geno Smith’s adviser, John Thornton. John was quoted as saying he was in meetings with Geno Smith and Jay-Z, but later said he was misquoted.

See John seems to be the weakest link. You can’t be running your mouth son. Messing up good deals son. Keep your mouth shut son!

It’s unclear what’s getting ready to happen with the NFL, Roc Nation Sports, and Geno Smith. Stay Tuned for the updates. We will be watching and keeping our ears to the streets or football fields!

What do you think about the NFL and it’s investigation of Roc Nation Sports?

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Source: TMZ.

Pictures: Instagram.

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