NFL Will Rake In $5 Billion Dollars During Lockout



(11/04/2010) Apparently, things aren’t looking as swell as they should be for the NFL accountants. It appears that things are taking a shift economically and it’s players, coaches, & owners are preparing for the worst. Seems odd to you? Well, keep reading. I’ll explain. According to ESPN,  a collective bargaining agreement could possibly expire March 2011 which will ultimately cause the cards to shuffle within the National Football League. What I mean is that many NFL teams are losing money in multiple ways which in turn gives the players a little fright because of course their salary could take a possible 18% reduction. Along with that hit comes the possibility that NFL games could be a mere memory for 2011.

Regardless of games being played, the NFL itself will still bring in a whopping $5 Billion dollars! NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell just doesn’t believe this lockout will be effective.

“You don’t make money by shutting down your business. The idea that the owners want to lock out and not play football is absolutely not the case. That’s just not good for anybody.”

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Player Associations just isn’t buying the commissioner’s logic and suggesting that players look to participate in an legacy fund which would provide support to retired players. Although other members of affiliated NFL directories agree that some cuts should be in place, they don’t necessarily believe that players will have to take a reduction.

Do you think the owners will really participate in a lockout? Am I the only one that thinks athletes are overpaid anyway? Post your thoughts below!

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  1. Yes, I think they are very over paid. Someone can pay athletes millions of $$ for a year, but you have doctors and teachers that’s not getting worth what they get paid for.

  2. It depends on what your definition of overpaid means. If it means that with the wrong play you could be cut/traded on a moments notices. Does overpaid mean that when your contract is up and no one wants to sign you, then you are forced to retire at 25-27 years old, after you have dedicated your entire life the sport? Overpaid means that not everyone who plays in the NFL actually makes millions of dollars a year? Overpaid as in, one misstep or one wrong move during a play and you could possible be killed. Overpaid as in, One wrong move during a playing and you come a quadriplegic?

    I think they are paid wonderfully for their sacrifice of self for our entertainment.

  3. Overpaid? How much do you think owners make? Players deserve every penny they get. They’re out there taking the hard hits and the wear and tear on their body. Hell, they deserve more money.


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