Nia Long Talks Vintage Vagina & Reality Stars On “The Breakfast Club”


Nia Long Breakfast ClubBest Man Holiday star Nia Long graced the presence of the  “The Breakfast Club” the other morning and the crew was very excited to have her on the show.  Charlemagne even told Nia Long that she had a “vintage vagina”!  Crazy!  Check out the interview indside.


Nia Long PrettyHere’s how Nia Long stays so beautiful!

“It’s mostly rest, and not going out and spending time with family.  You just have to take care of yourself.”

Nia Long and BoyfriendDid you know that Nia Long won’t do love scenes with superstar singers/rappers…

“There was a guy that they wanted him in a film I was going to do.  And I was like, absolutely not.  I said, I’m Nia Long bioootch.  It was his music and I didn’t feel he was worthy of being in a love scene with me.  I was like, No.  It was full on, full on love scene.  And I was like, “No thank you.”

How Nia Long feels about the status of black actors in Hollywood

“It’s cyclical.  I feel like there’s times when the black romantic comedy is the thing.  And Kerry Washington‘s doing an amazing job with Scandal so now you’ll see a lot more black women on television.  It is difficult, but it’s difficult for everyone because it’s a business and it’s run and motivated by money.  So whatever is selling is what they’re going to make.  So hopefully everyone comes out and supports the film because then we’ll be able to make more romantic comedies.”

Nia Long Mike TysonOn reality TV stars trying to take actual acting jobs

“They’re not actors.  They’re trying to make them into actors.  And they’re making money and they don’t have to pay them a lot.  Which makes it hard for the actors that do get paid to ACT.  Yeah, I’m not a fan.  I think we’re portrayed in a negative way on most of these shows.  I know me and my friends, we want to see stuff that’s smarter and more intelligent.

I don’t take it personal because I’ve been in the game long enough to understand it is driven by money and I know stunt casting is there because  Maybe they’re not secure with the story or secure with the director…”



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