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Nicci Gilbert’s New Web Series: Diva’s and Cocktails

Nicci-Gilbert-Divas-and-Cocktails-Webseries You can’t keep a sister down! Things did not work out for Nicci Gilbert over at R&B Divas but looks like this sister is being upgraded with her very own webseries!


Divas and Cocktails webisode series is the perfect mix of late night discussion, lip service, lifestyle, fashion, glam, headline buzz and celebrity dish. A digital cabaret, Divas and Cocktails engages viewers online by inviting them into their social media lounge and from their homes onto their leopard couch where no conversations are off-limits.
Spearheaded by Nicci Gilbert (Creator and Executive Producer of R&B Divas), the live webisodes will cover topics such as “How Reality Television Affects Marriages”, “The Real Deal Behind Today’s Most Popular Plastic Surgery Operations” and more. The divalicious cast dips into girl talk over celeb culture with extract choice chunks of tongue in cheek hilarity that is countered by a male’s point of view with television funny man – Mr. Rodney Perry. Shaken not stirred, Divas and Cocktails strike the perfect mix to keep you tuning in for more.
Nicci Gilbert
Hannah Cashmiere
Stacii J Johnson
Chanita Foster
Rodney Perry

Will you tune in? 

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