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Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Searching for New Home Together in California


Rapped Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are searching for new home together in California! The two recently placed a bid on a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

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It’s official ladies and gentlemen, Nicki Minaj and beaux Meek Mill are looking to buy a house together in California! According to reports from TMZ, the couple recently placed a bid on a 9 bedroom house in Hollywood Hills. It’s unclear if the bid was accepted or not, but it says a lot about Omeeka for them to even put one in.

This couldn’t come at a better time since the two were each looking for a change of scenery. Nicki since her lease was up with ex Safaree and Meek because he thinks moving to the west would be better for business. Sources even say the two are in love and there has been talks of marriage but no proposal.

It seems they are only growing stronger. First a ring appears, affectionate titles during shows, and now a house! Ok Meek! You better keep your girl happy.

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