Nicki Minaj Covers Black Men Magazine SSX



In the latest issue of Black Men Magazine SSX, the sometimes Roman rapper Nicki Minaj has an elaborate spread for SSX’s audience. Lots of skin! Check out the pictures.

Nicki is currently on a heavy promo trail promoting her new album “Pink Friday” which will be in stores November 22nd. Last night Nicki stopped by the V-103 studios and chatted it up with Greg Street. Unfortunately, she was on her ‘period’ so she didn’t want to take any pictures… Go figure!


  1. That bitch is fake as fuck! TeamQueenB all day! I’ll be glad when her album comes and go which will happen really soon and the hype will be over before she know it!

  2. Yall are some hatin ASS People. damn give her a chance most of her music really is good, so what if her ass and boobs are fake. alot of celebrities got fake boobs,ass,nose job etc. and as soon as a black female rapper hve those things people wanna judge. SMH and people wasn’t sayn shit wen beyonce created sasha fierece so why should Roman nicki alter ego be looked dwn on.

  3. People are such HATERS! Lil Kim is cool, but its over! Kim has just as many fake parts if not more. She doesn’t even look like the same person. Imma need Kim to actually spit something. Im starting to think she’s been faking this rap thing the whole time.

    She’s famous for being Biggie’s side piece, not for her skills. Anyone can read stuff wrote down and it doesn’t mean she was the one writing it. I need some proof Kim! Try to rap next time you repond and not PLAY all your old shyt. It’s 2010!

    Pics look great! Have y’all notice that she is really starting to dress like a lady instead of a hootchie. Sex sells, but I think she is trying to prove that she has talent.

  4. She looks way better with the black
    hair that orange, pink, green and whatever else makes her look so fucking dumb.


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