Nicki Minaj Covers Complex Magazine + Video!



I mean, what can we say? Its Nick Minaj. Sexy as ever. In her Complex interview, cover girl Nicki Minaj (looking ever so exquisite and tantalizing in her fishnets and heels) talks about Lil Wayne’s influence on her kooky and erratic raps. She also reveals a song Drake wrote for her that went to another female hip-hop artist, and even comments on all those ever-growing bisexual rumors. Check out the blurb of the interview below!

When you look at the two singles you’ve had so far, “Massive Attack” is more experimental and “Your Love” is more conventional. Does it bother you that people were less receptive to something different?
Nicki Minaj: It was a good lesson to learn early on. I actually think the public made the right choice.
What was the lesson?
Nicki Minaj:To just go with my heart and my first instinct.
So your first instinct wasn’t “Massive Attack”?
Nicki Minaj: You’re making it seem that way. I didn’t say anything.
It’s just the way you looked down…
Nicki Minaj: Why are you looking at my eyes?

Get em Nicki! Click below to check out the photos from the shoot !!


  1. Go Nicki Gurl you lookin good in da pics, and I don’t know what that whole Massive Attack thing was about but I still love your music… Just don’t let that happen again!!!! Otherwise keep being a monster!!!! Can’t wait for the album to drop


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