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Nicki Minaj Experiences A Wardrobe Malfunction During Performance At @MTV 2014 VMAs!

Nicki Minaj's Wardrobe Malfunction

Although, Nicki Minaj SLAYED at @MTV 2014 VMAs, she still could not avoid the notorious wardrobe malfunction! Apparently, the rap diva was trying to change into her black dress (photographed above) for her performance with Ariana Grande and Jessie J, but did not make it in time!!!!

Check out the details below!

Nicki Minaj suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her “Bang Bang” performance with Ariana Grande and Jesse J. They were apart of the opening act for this year’s VMAs!

Minaj was trying to change from her green sequined two-piece into a black mini, but sadly, did not make it. “We ran out of time getting the dressed zipped up,” she explained to The Hollywood Reporter. We all had to witness her on stage holding her dress together while rapping!

Yes, it had to be embarrassing, but I have to admit she handled it very well! Minaj did NOT skip a beat while on stage. It is a shame she did make the outfit change in time, but she rocked that wardrobe malfunction BEAUTIFULLY!

Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande at the VMAs:

Nicki & Ariana

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