Nicki Minaj Spice Things Up On Tour: Give Females Lap Dance



We already know that the “I am Music” Tour is said to be the hottest and most profitable tours of 2011. Each night something new is revealed about the shows platform especially from my girl Ms. Minaj. Recently Wayne ann Nicki traveled to Orlando, Florida to perform and Nicki Minaj thought she’d get a little crowd participation, asking the audience to take a poll as to whether she should give a lapdance to one of her Ken Barbz or one of her Barbie fans.

You know us nasty americans are gonna go for the most dramatic performance, so hands down the female won and she got the pleasure of have Nicki’s body gyrate all over her. LOL

Checkout the video:


  1. I love nikki and tyler perry… they are two of the funniest blacks in hollywood- pure comedy 🙂


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