Nicki Minaj spotted over in London signing breasts again


Spotted over on the homegirl Courtneyluv, Nicki Minaj wearing a colored leopard print hairdo was spotted leaving T4 studios in London on Friday evening (January 21).
The “Your Love” singer was fresh off of filming a television spot as she happily stopped to sign a female fan’s breast before heading to her new hotel after getting the boot from the Dorchester. I wonder if the chick is going to take a bath afterwards? Nick tweeted, “long day of press only to find out we’ve officially been kicked out the hotel! Lmaoooooooo. Rescue me barbz!!!! Pleeeeeeeasse *martha voice*” … Wow Nicki you can’t be getting kicked out! Click after the beat to see more pics


  1. I don’t know how I feel about this picture. I don’t know if it’s because the girl has a Gawd awful wig on, am I feeling some type of way by the girl and her breast, or is it a combination of both? If you want to pull your shirt and expose your covered breasts for someone to sign that’s your business. But at least buy a wig that fits.

    Those Korean shops ain’t nothing but the Devil. Moreover, I love Nicki’s wig. Maybe because it reminds me of a Peacock

  2. Wow! Sometimes I wonder how many breast Nicki has signed. Clearly she has signed all sizes. She is such a big star in the hip hop industry right now. If you did not know her, you would think that she was some kind of royalty.


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