Nicki Minaj To Release Nail Polish On OPI Line


Nicki Minaj is set to debut a new nail polish with OPI January 2012. In the new line, there will be 6 new colors that are named after 6 of her songs. Look inside to check out some of the hot colors that will be featured on the new line.

The new line looks to include variety as it has girly colors such as the “Pink Friday” and some more brighter colors that resemble parts of Nicki’s personality such as the “Did it On Em” color. This new nail polish line was a creative way to stir up her business. I don’t know many celebs who have done this.

Are you excited about the new nail line? What color would you use first?

Spotted @EntertainmentRundown


  1. I m excited about Nicki Minaj new business venture. I would personally wear the “Pink Friday” and the “Did It On Em”. I love how she’s moving out of the bubble of just being a rapper. As you can recall she released a line of special lipsticks shortly after the release of her platinum selling album ‘Pink Friday’ with MAC. I definetly feel like this nail polish line would add more to her brand and will sell because of her strong fan base. The colors are hot for fall and spring and useful for ladies who skip the salon and do their own manicures.

  2. Awwwww Nickster !! I’m so happy for her =)) I abs LOVE metal 4 life, save me && of course pink friday !! Can’t wait !!

  3. Well she said she wanted to become a business women / mogul… She’ll well on her way! Keep it up! I love to see Black People making $$$$$$

  4. Yeah Im digging all of those colors, the girl is SMART make your money other ways NIKKI. MONICA is suppose to have a line of nail polishes with OPI also! MAKE THAT CHICKOS…..


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