Nicki Minaj Wouldn’t Let Her Own Kid Listen to Her CD



Nicki Minaj has been taking us to the edge since she came out making us look at her like she’s crazy. Her racy fashion and suggestive lyrics and strange behavior have more than just turned heads. It’s even caused parents to actually monitor their children’s iPods.

In any case, the young star recently told a British news outlet, The Sun, that she wouldn’t allow her own child to listen to her music.

“…When I meet my fans and they tell me they are 12, I cringe a little,” Nicki said. “I always say, ‘Listen. I don’t want you saying the bad words, put school first’. At the same time, I am like their bigger sister. I’m not like their mom. I have to give them the good with the bad. If I censor them completely and say ‘don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t’ then that’s what they are going to ‘do do do do do’. You have to tell kids this is the real world but they don’t have to go down this road. Just pay attention and do your best.”

Nicki also revealed that if she had a daughter, she probably wouldn’t let them listen to her music.

“Being honest, if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her listening to a Nicki Minaj CD until she was a certain age.”

Spotted @ EURweb


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