Nicole Murphy Admits To Plastic Surgery : Eddie Murphy Supports Her New Reality Show ‘Hollywood Exes’


Nicole Murphy was spotted out and about in L.A. yesterday and is spilling all the beans about her plastic surgeries and her life with Eddie Murphy in VH1’s new reality show Hollywood Exes. See more photos and watch the trailer below. 

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Nicole Murphy revealed that after five kids, she got her body back into shape with a little plastic surgery.  In addition, she talks about Eddie Murphy’s feelings on her romance with Michael Strahan.

It’s no secret that the stunning 44-year-old “Hollywood Exes” star has a killer bod, but she revealed to Entertainment Tonight yesterday on their show that she had a little help along the way.  She said,

“After nursing 5 babies, I had some saggy titties. When I had my fifth one, I said I’m getting some new titties.”

And speaking of her upcoming reality show “Hollywood Exes,” Nicole revealed that Eddie Murphy supports her new project. His approval makes sense because his step-brother, Vernon Lynch, Jr., is one of the producers.  I don’t expect Vernon will throw any dirt on Eddie’s name.  Or will he?

And Nicole also revealed that Eddie is pretty cool with her fiancee, Michael Strahan. And she says it’s mainly because Michael is involved with their kids, so they keep it friendly.



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