Nivea, Tiffany Evans, Brandon J & Sir Will Took Over The Havana Club



Last night, I went to a music showcase at the Havana Club in Atlanta. All of my favorite people were there including Bryan Michael-Cox, Nivea, Tiffany Evans, and Tricky Stewart . Willie Hendrixx, known as “Sir Will” and his band “The Rose Parade”,  Daniel “Real Love” Dickey and Brandon J. were amongst many others who ripped the stage performing their hearts out. The event was hosted by P.K. Kirk & Byron Wright. Big shout out to all my people at FENG SHUI, which is a live showcase held the second Tuesday of every month.


  1. Does nivea ever stay home and take care of her kids?? the only kid she looks to spend time wit is raginae

  2. whateva happened to her?tlkn bout tiffany evans.she HAD a “hit” song then that was the end of it….

  3. yeah she must have got sum. all she had to go thru to get sum attention from wayne. going from a wife 2 a 1,2,3, i mean 4th baby momma how sad

  4. Wow, Freddy what in the country fried hell do these people have on!? My goodness never would I be caught dead in a lot of this big loud foolery that the people on this site called “celebrity’s” wear with the exception of a few people. Tell all in these photos to go home, come back and try again.

  5. The music business MUST be doing really bad because these people look worn-out and tired( I’m serious like really tired). I did not even recognize Ms. Tiff Evans and she’s way to young to be looking so old and worn-out.

  6. Omg Tifanny has lost all of her baby fat or something cuz she is very slim now wow. But yeah what is she up to now?
    And Nivea looks ok


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