No More “Good Ass Job”: Kanye West Changes The Title To New Album



On July 28, Kanye West, a new arrival in the Twitter community, tweeted that the name “Good Ass Job” was no longer the name of the new album and he was currently “bouncing a couple of titles around now”. Kanye has over 2o0,000 followers as of yesterday. Click below to see how he feels about Twitter!

Kanye tweeted,

“Up early in the morning taking meetings in Silicone Valley.” The MC later followed up with another tweet, typing, “Lol I spelled Silicon wrong (I guess I was still thinking about the other type of silicone ITS A PROCESS!! : ).”

Kanye has recently started using Twitter recently after fake Twitter accounts started popping up. He posted on his blog in 2009:

“I don’t have a f—ing Twitter… why would I use twitter??? I only blog 5 percent of what I’m up to in the first place. I’m actually slow delivering content because I’m too busy actually busy being creative most of the time and if I’m not and I’m just laying on a beach i wouldn’t tell the world. Everything that Twitter offers I need less of. The people at Twitter know I don’t have a f—ing Twitter so for them to allow someone to pose as me and accumulate over a million names is irresponsible and deceitful to [their] faithful users.”

No word yet on the name of the new album. Yall stay tuned. You know we got you.



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