Not All Khardashian Butts Are Created Equal



According to TMZ, two hot sisters..two great physiques…one massive difference. These girls have somehow finagled there way into Hollywood…not by hard work, acting, or musicianship. No. Simply by being beautiful socialites…with banging bodies. Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian (left) took her booty out for a stroll in Cabo … and unlike her little sister Kim (right), she managed to fit her entire ass into her swimwear. Click below to see a comparison all the sisters!


  1. somebody need to go dig up some of her high school and middle schools pics, i bet she look just like her sister back there

  2. okay they both have the same mom and dad so why chole has a white girl ass and so does kourtney so how did kim get the black girl ass simple it’s FAKE !!!!!

  3. I don’t know what ya’ll are talking about. Khloe has a huge ass and kourt’s is pretty big for her tiny little frame. That’s a family of big bootys.

  4. They have big booties chicks jus like to hate especially when a white girl has a bigger booty then a black or spanish chick 1st thing in there mind is (it’s fake) they all look good

  5. There are enough pics of Kim K, Kourtney and Khloe from years ago to prove that they have ALL HAD VARIOUS FORMS of plastic surgery. No amount of lying or adoring fans can change the proof:

    Kim K has had lipo removed, breats implants, booty implants, silicone butt injections, nose job(S), cheek implants and botox and of course extensions/fake nails and fake eyelashes.

    Kourtney K has had at least one nose job, lipo removed, silicone booty injections and breast implants

    Khloe K has had lipo removed, and the silicone booty injections. SHE NEEDS A NOSE JOB STAT

    Why must it be considered ~ Hate to point out the fact that so called celebs with perfect bodies HAVE HAD PLASTIC SURGERY?? There are candid, non posed pictures of Kim K, Kourtney and Khloe from their teens to early adult hood that PROVE their enhancements.

    I have a small perky booty and average b sized breasts- I am not a hater, I do not live or die based on the size of my behind but the truth is the truth.
    The Kardashian sisters have been surgically enhanced. PERIOD

  6. That’s because Kim is a fake plastic bitch but dumb niggas can’t seem to understand oe care! Niggers are stupid!


  8. Why is this news? We ALL know Kimmy wishes she was black but her fake plastic ass WILL NEVER be accepted no matter how much black dick she takes.

  9. Its called growing, working out,etc..ur body changes..yall have issues!.. And what is “being” black?..I live in dc and lots of fake booty BLACK girls out here..get a life ppl

  10. kim cakes r fake and it looks gross. blk whit mixed…………all of those ho’s got big fake butts.

  11. Im a black chick. i wear padded booty pants. just wish i had to nerve to get myself surgically enhanced, the kadashians are all beautiful Period.. you all stop hating..

  12. people are in denial about the whole kartrashian clan.. they are all fake no matter how many people pretend their not.. kim has had a massive amount of plastic surgery ,hell its in her divorce papers.. her ex husband has said kim has had at least 30 to 40 thousand in plastic surgery and how he didn’t force her to do it she got plastic surgery because she wanted to. her nose was wide broad and big and now its skinny and slim how did it get that way? its called rhinoplasty!!!! her lips were not big at all now she has big lips yeah right her ass was flat as hell in 06 now all of a sudden bam huge booty!!! where did it come from? obvious liposuction on her waistline inner and outer thighs she has had a lot of body conturing its obvious no matter how many black men, some pathetic black females and jealous ugly white females try and pretend she hasn’t had any work done “old photos” don’t lie.. she wears fake eyelashes and her breast are fake too!!! their mom looks like the crypt keeper and has had a lot of plastic surgery too, they made poor Bruce Jenner feel bad about how he looked now look at him he looks like a wax face with a terrible face lift.. kourtney is fake too she has had breast implants since she was 18 yrs old she also had a nose job, khloe has had a obvious nose job her nose was shaped worse than all of the siblings. if kourtney and their mom’s booty is flat where did kim get hers from? their family plastic surgeon!!! the only kartrashian that hasn’t changed their big nose face and body with plastic surgery is their brother Rob..

  13. Yeah they all have had work done. But why lie about it everyone’s doing it now. No big deal. When you lie you look dumb and people talk more day one of the Dr’s or nurses from the clinic will sale their story and we’ll all know what we have always known.the fake tits, ass, lashes etc don’t make you fake, the lies and untruth make you fake. And Kim does need to lay off the Dic* that too is making her ass wide. Lol. She go’s from dude to dude. Oh my!all those celebrity juices being passed around. Gross! Yuk! No no no!

  14. I would like to say that the Kardashian’s are all fake ass hollywood whores and the mom is the ring leader…Khloe and Lamar are a big joke. DASH…yeah in and out the pussys.

  15. Kim Kardashian’s ass looks sloppy and malshaped. It’s a shame she had to have plastic surgery just to have not that great of an ass. She looks old like her mom because of all the plastic surgery Kim has had. The hair is fake, too. I, at least, appreciate Kourtney and Khloe for admitting their hair is fake on Wendy Williams. Kim is just a big old liar.


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