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Obama Wins Headed Back To WhiteHouse, Most Re-tweeted PHOTO

Last night I felt like for the second time my vote counted as I watched President Obama win a second term. ABC News reports he promised his thrilled supporters “that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.”

It was dope watching Obama, who appeared before thousands of cheering Democrats to while Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” played in the back ground, after securing a strong electoral lead, although he just eked out victories in key states.

He congratulated his opponent Mitt Romney and said, “In the weeks ahead I am looking forward to sitting down with Gov. Romney to discuss how we can move this country forward.”

Mitt Romney was I the only one pissed Romney took so long to give in?

Congrads Obama, “We Did Again”…

Just so yall know the photo above Obama tweeted almost instantly became most retweeted Twitter post ever, getting almost 370,000 retweets as of 9:45 PM Pacific tonight, and another 115,000 favorites.

And – unofficially so far — it looks to be the most retweeted tweet ever as well. Previously the most retweeted tweet appears to have belonged to Justin Bieber, whose RIP Avalanna tweet has 223,376 retweets.

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