Obama’s State of The Union Address Was SO Good, This Guy Forgot Obama Was Black!


Ok, so I guess some people think black folks can’t do anything!  The nerve of this dude to ever bring up race! He could of just said the State of the Union Address was good, add a little rhetoric, and let it go. You all watch the video and tell me what you think… Am I trippin? Or is Chris Matthew’s trippin?


  1. Wow ignorance. I think this just stirs up things. I think this was a poor statement. If you replace black/ AA with the word Monkey it just shows you how white people think about us. I mean does he really think black people are inarticulate and unable to speak. Sure there are a few just like there are a few white trailer trash people that can not speak good english. Its sad that it is 2010 and they are shocked by our intelligence.


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