Odd Future Says Accuser Swung First


oddfutureloitersquadThe members of Odd Future claim they did not throw the first punch in an altercation that took place at their concert in San Antonio, Texas on December 8th. Seventeen-year-old Chassan Rasagi is accusing the rap collective of beating him for jumping on stage. Rasagi reportedly received lacerations on his head and scratches and burns to his body as a result of the incident. Reps from the rap collective tell Pitchfork.com that Rasagi swung first.

They also revealed screenshots from Rasasgi’s Twitter account, which they say demonstrate he was the aggressor. The images show Rasagi retweeted a message that says he was the first person to throw a punch during the incident. In the Twitter posts he also brags about his plans to sue the rap group. He writes that he will post a picture of the check once he gets it.

The dust up was caught on tape by members of the audience. The grainy footage shows someone from the crowd on stage before the fight, but it is unclear who attacked first. Odd Future formed in 2007 with Tyler, the Creator; Left Brain; Hodgy Beats; Matt Martians; Jasper Dolphin and Casey Veggies. The group later added six other members, including Frank Ocean who was recently nominated for six Grammy Awards.


  1. Yes that fact is true! My son attended that Odd Future Event at The White Rabbit in San Antonio.He came home and told me about the fight. He said that Rasagi the so called victim actually was the aggressor and went onstage and attacked One of the members by hitting him first ! My son said Rasagi was really being an asshole when he forced his way back on the stage more than once!

  2. TMZ needs to stop buying into that guys lies about what actually happened they are being Very Unfair and sensational!!!!! Then they show pics of Rasagi’s
    Scratches and that troublemaking guy was going buck wild in that Venue!!!!!!


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