Officer Blocked Newlywed Couple During Bride’s Stroke


married couple

When a newlywed cancer survivor with a heart condition started showing stroke symptoms, her husband knew he needed to get her to the hospital immediately. According to  our source, the officer’s written affidavit says, “Defendant stopped in the ER entrance and jumped out and ran. Police made contact with Defendant at the passenger side of his vehicle and I grabbed the Defendant’s arm and he pushed me away scraping my arm with his fingernail. Defendant yelled and said it was an emergency…” The officer stated, “Defendant pushed through the crowd and carried a female back into the emergency room and place[d] her in a room with no permission of the hospital staff.”  Now, the new groom faces a felony charge from an encounter with a police officer he says delayed his wife’s access to treatment. This is a mess.  What do you all think?  Written by Courtney L.


  1. BS!!! The man’s wife was having a stroke, how did they expect him to react!! The police officer needs to apologize!

  2. The officer needs to apologize and be placed on probation. Obvisoulsy the officer’s bagde has went to his head and no longer cares about saving lives and what’s appopriate and what’s not. And the groom is facing felony charges for saving a life. WOWWW!

  3. You know alot of these Police Officers were people that no one knew in school. They were nothing so they grow up… get a badge… and a gun and abuse their authority. Why would be your purpose in getting involved in a man trying to get his wife to the hospital. I do not like Police officers. I would rather die than get them involved. Police officers are like black people (as my prejudice grandmother says). There are alot of good ones but the bad ones do so much, that you kinda just stay away from them all.

  4. @Tamara banks- was that rasict comment really nessecary??? what does that have anything to do with the situation. stupid rascit b****! Im black and took total offense to that. you are just as ignoranat as your dumb ass granny

  5. @Tamara Banks: I feel like you didn’t have to repeat that racist comment your grandmother said. The
    both of you are stupid as hell!

  6. @ Tamara…
    fuck you, your grandmother, whoever fucked her to make your parents, and your parents for fucking and making you! racist bitch!!!

  7. The man is facing Felony charges for ruching his wife to the ER!!! There was a similar situation with a pregnant girl in Brookly. NY (i think) she was tackled by oficers as she entered the ER, she was experiencing pre-term labor and bleeding so she was speeding to the hospital. There was video footage from the hospital and she just settled out of court for about 65K….I suggest he fights and take that police officer to court…
    @ Tamara If I could I would slap the taste out of your mouth, you silly bitch…and your grandma’s old ass can get it too.

  8. Let’s not forget about the white cop that tackled a black female running in the ER. She was having a miscarraige but that didn’t stop him from hunting her down then tackling her.

  9. Well I could say the same thing about police officers. But people need to think first -Police Officers do not read minds. Police Officer would have no idea that a speeding maniac is having a miscarriage- because he just would not know. It might be a stolen car, or a felon trying to get away from police or a suspect. The same as the Police Officer would have no idea that the man in this story was trying to save his wifes life. I am pretty sure that guy is not going to get charged. Thats my opinion.

  10. Tamara Banks sucks diseased cock and her Grandmother was a whore who all the black guys banged out and then had that bitch scrambling eggs and bacon when they were finished with her dusty lilly white ass

  11. Things could have been handled differently…I hope the charges get dropped. As for The Tamara Banks Person..Some people don’t know when their kickin their own a**.. If you have nothing good to say it’s best to keep your trap shut…ya dig!


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