[Exclusive Official Video] ‘Control My Mind’ Tiffany Bleu ft Tha Dare Devil


Recording Artist/Songwriter Tiffany Bleu is at it again, killing the scene with the official video for her new single “Control My Mind” feat Tha Dare Devil…..  (Video Inside)

From the seeing the “Refill Cover” to her performance at the BMI Showcase, we can clearly see that this songstress is making a stamp on the rnb game and wants the world to know.  Tiffany Bleu is making waves with her new song “Control My Mind“, which is an rnb banger featuring rapper Tha Dare Devil that will be sure to keep you moving.  The video, directed by Todd Uno & K. Video of BPE Films A Big Play Entertainment Company, and song both give you the good feeling that “real rnb” is back and here to stay.

Twitter: @TifBleu

Check out the video here:


  1. Freddy,

    I think she’s a beautiful girl, but vocal talent she does not have. And the rapper? Just NO!

    Here’s a secret to making yourself sound amazing even if you don’t have the most amazing voice. Tiffany if you’re reading this, here’s some advice:

    Use REAL INSTRUMENTS!!!! When you are not the best singer, synthesizers are the worst thing you can do because it highlights your short-comings. Real instruments will only flatter your unique sound.

    I don’t have any real advice for the rapper other than PLEASE get a day-job, because rapping is NOT your calling.

    No hate – just telling the truth in love.


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