Offset collects big coins in Russia


Rapper Offset gets booked in Moscow, Russia. ?? Reports from TMZ say he piped up a Bar Mitzvah.

Rapper offset is a versatile artsit who can pipe up any event; including bar mitzvahs. Offset was recently flown to Russia to perform a few of his hit songs. Videos have surfaced online with Offset vibing with the family and attendees who requested his trap music services. Sources say it costs tens of thousands of dollars to fly a popular rapper across the world for a performance. We can only ponder what Offset charged to slide to Moscow.


Offset has also released a deluxe edition of his lastest project “Father of Four.” The graphic design for the cover is “Stoopidddd,” the long way, of course. The first cover caught our eye with its egyptian hieroglyphic theme, and having all his family on the cover, was fly. The limited edition cover maintains a phoarah like vibe with a more painful theme, as if the art will discuss alot of street life topics. It has the classic Migos vibe of expensive s#!t noone can afford but rappers and fashion designers.


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