Old Ladies on the Pole; Recession Hits Atlanta Strippers Hard



In a very insightful and funny post about the Atlanta strip club economy, XXL magazine contributor Bryon Crawford dissects the effects of the recession on skrippers. Lol! Among the noteworthy things Mr. Crawford mentions: 1) there are a ton of strippers in Atlanta, BUT there is no evidence that they twerk any better or are any better looking than strippers in cities with fewer clubs; 2) most strippers are on average too old and too dumb  to use those singles to pay college tuition; which means stripping your way through college is more fantasy than reality for most; and

3) the recession has sent lots of currently unemployed professional women to the stripper pole. Get ’em girls!!!

To find out where ‘dem dollas at (lol) and for more hilarity, read the complete article here.

by: L. McFly


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