Omarion Announces “Millennium Tour 2020”


B2K may have gave the fans what they wanted this year, but Omarion is taking the Millennium Tour brand into 2020 , with some of the same friends but minus B2k. 

Omarion announce the new tour 2020, Pretty Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, and LLoyd are returning. This time around they got it right adding Sammie; and they added Soulja Boy which was only right to add them because they definitely had major hits for 2000s. Omarion might not have added B2K, but him and Bow Wow decides to face off again.  I guess there are no hard feelings from the rest of the group , Raz and Fizz are doing their own thing; J Boog wish everyone luck go get that bag, and he’ll see them in LA.

So catch Bow Wow, Sammie, Lloyd , Ying Yang Twins, Soulja boy, Pretty Ricky on the Millennium Tour 2020. 

The line up sounds dope, but what about the ladies of the Millennium. At least add Ciara to the list . Why leave the ladies out? 


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