Omarion Taking Shots At Trey Songz+ Chic Grabs His Package At Concert!


Omarion recently had a concert where groupie love was in full effect. Artists can get away with virtually anything on stage nowadays, from groping and hunching, to getting groped, to all out french kissing strangers. The girl at Omarion’s concert got so carried away, she actually grabbed this man’s package. Omarion sounded off about Trey Songz stage antics though…but didn’t call any names.

I don’t know about those other artist, but I can’t be kissing everybody in the mouth. I’m just saying. You don’t know where they been.  You know who I am talking about…

Click below to watch Omarions video, and also check out Trey Songz slobbing down a fan at his New York concert.


Do you all think Trey Songz took it too far, or is this what the ladies want? The entire performance, water and all, for his ‘Say Ahh’ set is below.

By: Xavier B.

25 responses to “Omarion Taking Shots At Trey Songz+ Chic Grabs His Package At Concert!”

  1. wak548 says:

    Sounds like he is jealous cause he’s not as hott any more. He should have stayed with his group.

  2. tim says:

    Omarions chic just know what she wants outta Send her my way.

  3. amy says:

    It seems like all these washed up a$$ artists are taking shots at the new school hotness. SHUT UP and sit yall tired a$$es down somewhere!!!

  4. Ericka91 says:

    Personally, I would give both of these negroes the bidness!! Just joking. But really, its a once in a lifetime chance to get on stage with some black chocolate like this…so I would be down for whatever!!

  5. Jerome says:

    I have had too much head to kiss any woman in 2010. Cant u get AIDS from kissing now? If not, herpes is still rampant. Yall can have all that kissing….

  6. LAYLA says:

    I think it should be the other way around. I don’t think we know where his lips has been. For all we know they could of been up Bow Wow’s ass.

  7. Leah says:

    They both like boys and are some guys princess

  8. Momo says:

    They set that up with Trey that was not just some random fan

  9. jason says:

    nice bod O

  10. ArtistHands says:

    I don’t know about that little boy
    with his pants hanging off his azz
    but his band is Dope!!

  11. Ty says:

    I think Omarion is just mad Trey turned him down..Some people just can’t handle rejection…LMAO

  12. topez says:

    Though I love Trey, I think Omarion does have a point. I think these singers do need to be selective in who they are kissing. But I think it is what most of the ladies like. Trey likes to please his fans. 🙂 I think it’s funny how Omarion isn’t so selective about who is feeling him up though.

  13. Bianca says:

    I love Trey Songz to death but that was my first reaction too. You cant just go around kissing random people. For his sake and his health i hope it was Step Up. Online they were reporting that she was only 15 thats another reason why he should have been selective on who he kisses.

  14. Bianca says:

    Also for the person who said Omarion is wash up! Yeahh riteee!!!! Omarion last CD was a banger!

  15. Sexyd says:

    He kissed Toni and no one said not one thing about that…It is what it is…Hell yeah I would kiss his sexy ass…The bro is fine and sexy…Trey you do your thing…Much love…And Omarion needs to sit his ass down no one wants to hear his ass…Omarion please just don’t say not a F’ing thing…PLEASE….

  16. Venessa aka ms4thofjuly says:

    Publicity is what this business is driven on and Omarion obviously needed to see his name in print so how else to do that but to mention R&B’s Prince, Trey Songz. It’s a business guys and publicity keeps your names on peoples lips and it’s free. Omarion has to earn his way back into the business so he has to make the rounds and he has to get it where he can fit in. The R&B game is on “FIYA” right now and Trey is dominating it! Irregardless of what you think of Trey, his name is now “branded” and his career is about to go to the next level! It’s all in the numbers and being that Trey released Ready last August and it is still showing up in the Top10, then there is no room for arguing his credibility. Looks and a nice body will only get you so far. Why do you think it took Trey so long to come into his own in the business? He had to prove that he was worthy and the transfromation proves that…

    Omarion knows that better than anybody so why not get mentioned in the same sentence as Trey or to even mention Trey. Omarion, do what you gotta do! Look at Usher…He was R&B and now his numbers are consistently dropping. When you peak, which is what happened with Usher, where do you go from there? Omarion is in the same situation. Coming from one of the biggest boy groups in the history of R&B, his numbers have to hella good for him to be even looked at seriously. His material is good but he has to come with a major hit before his record company will consider him credible. Right now he probably isn’t breaking even and he probably owes everything he is making back to the record company.

    Hey, kissing isn’t that bad and Trey doesn’t do it often, but when you have an audience that big, in a venue that is massive you do what you do best, and Trey did it! I don’t hear that young lady complaining (LOL)!!!

  17. soCONFIDENT_ says:

    he wasn’t taking shots at trey he just stating he ain’t gone kiss no girl and trey’s grown he can kiss anybody he want too REAL TALK and i know cuz i was at the DETROIT summer jam to know he wasn’t takin shots PPL NEED TO GROW UP.

  18. Coco says:

    Who the fuck care’s that they or he is kissing sum chick in her mouth.yeah true they might got sumthang but he dnt seem to care so why should he.smmfh

  19. kiki says:

    it jus doesn’t make any sense how you have to try nd get attention , wiff grabbing ona nuda famous person dick, yeah he might have kissed a fan, and he doesn’t know what she prolly has but at da same time trey songz is a grown man, nd he jus wants to please his fans nd state dat he loves his fans..nd real talk OMARION IS prolly jus jealous…so he can get off trey…nd thats my opinion towards da whole situation..REAL TALK..!

  20. lisat says:


  21. songz says:

    omarion is washed up who bought his last cd? dont worry ill wait(katt williams voice) now here comes the crickets

  22. ashley says:

    Omarion babe, imma need for u not to say anything else about anything or anybody until u can put out some better music honey!! Until then, just keep following behind your booty buddies Chris and Bow!!!

  23. Yep Yep says:

    Kissing these whores nowadays is not a good look, a lot of these women have zero class and they will do ANYTHING to any Artist..

  24. Sharp Tongue says:

    Fuck Omarion old dick in the booty Ass hell these days everybody is taking shots it’s stupid all artist should stick to doing good music and getting this money.

  25. kokoalatte says:

    Omarion need a nice tall glass of *hoe sit down*..When the last time this dude even have a hit? How he even performing with no damn songs, lol..and it aint just Omarion throwin shade his mama was doing it to Chris Brown too, smh..Bottom line is that boy Trey Songz got everything the ladies want..he’s gorgeous, talented and sexy and he is almost every woman’s fantasy..Women like that pretty boy, hood nigga swag..That’s all that is! Omarion nem and nothing but some ol hating ass clowns lmao..dont be mad boo boo!

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