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OMG: #LHHA Stars Mimi Faust & Nikko Paid $1 Million for Sex Tape and She Talks to FreddyO!


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust and her boyfriend stunned the internet yesterday when their sex tape was announced and a very sexy trailer was leaked for the public to see. Thanks to my girl Mimi we now have a new fascination with shower rods. Who knew you could do all of that on a shower rod? Well I got Mimi on the phone and learned some very interesting things.

Check out the details below.


Mimi Faust got everybody’s tongue hanging out as we say,


Mimi is doing ok since the world have discovered her love tape that she made with her man Nikko. Details are still somewhat shaky but I do know she is doing ok and that she is taking time off of social media. She told me yesterday that she is taking some much-needed time off of social media and she has no plans of publicly addressing the tape. That means if you see statements/comments on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter they did not come from Mimi.


Mimi says she is not even looking at the comments on the internet and she is chilling, focusing on herself, her man, her daughter, and her next business venture.

Mimi also have some words for her HATERS because she know they dragging her name and video through the mud. She don’t care what people might think of her and her new video. She don’t care what haters got to say about her actions in her life and on her tape: “MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta”.

Yall can say you heard it from the big homie FreddyO first!

Stay tuned for this ever evolving story.

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