Oprah Interview with The Jackson Family



Yesterday, the much anticipated Jackson family interview with Oprah aired. From Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, Katherine and Joe Jackson sat down with the queen talk show diva and discussed everything from raising Michael Jackson as a young child, his health, his fame, insecurity with his looks, his marriage, to his death.

When word leaked earlier this month that Michael’s parents had agreed to the interview with Oprah, Michael’s brother, Randy Jackson, vented on twitter and expressed his feelings about Oprah stating that Winfrey was  “last person on earth” Michael would want around her kids.

All in all, the interview was respectful and shed more light on Michael Jackson and the type of man he was. Check out the videos after the jump.Part 1

Part II

Part III


  1. This interview really allowed us to see Katherine’s personality and she comes off as a very sweet, caring, loving, mother, wife and grandma. I appreciate her honesty about Michael and Joe also. Paris Blanket and Prince seem like normal well rounded kids

  2. I think the interview was a good one and that it shows how the investigation into Michaels death went and how the Doctor will probably get away with it because it all goes beyond just the Doctor. Michael was not meant to go on that tour and they made sure of it. There are too many people like Michael who mysteriously die under strange circumstances and it is all hidden by someone higher up. It happens everyday and no one notices. I would want nothing more than to talk to someone in Michaels family about my own thoughts on it all. I personally know of someone going thru the same scenerio, somewhat, and he is constantly followed, illegally serveilanced, and even get some of the people you may know to go against you and work on their end for whatever reason they may say, even if it is not true. Your everymove is watched and you have fears of playing anywhere, eating anywhere, or even just visiting friends, for one day that very friend may be taking info for them against you whether the reasinging is true or not.


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